Centriq was founded in January 2015 from the inspiration that your home—the single most expensive and complicated purchase that most of us will ever make—should come with a user manual.

After gaining traction with over half a million homeowners across North America, Centriq expanded its services to professionals. Now, Centriq is included in over 50,000 home inspections each year, is cherished by property managers large and small, and is helping home builders raise the bar on home handover and warranty fulfillment.

Today, Centriq seeks to provide a vastly improved experience for the home hand-over from builder / developer / property manager to homeowner that packages all of what you’d normally stuff on a pen-drive and a walk-through into a intuitive digital experience that stays with the home-owner and continues to be current as the homeowner lives in the home. The homeowner can add their own products and build-out their full home inventory, from their electric toothbrush to their vehicles, from their office equipment to their sports equipment. All while monitoring for their safety and protecting their investment by keeping up with maintenance and repairs.

To augment the artificial intelligence component of its process, Centriq utilizes a team of nearly 100 people maintaining and expanding their database of product support information. That’s why today Centriq has almost 2 million products in its database and this number continues to grow as they continue to add all the support material for every new product added.

Centriq is owned by and operates as a division of the Elids Group Partnership. 


At Centriq, we prioritize the security and privacy of the user data which allows us to provide the many benefits of the Centriq platform to our users and partners. As a cloud-first, cloud-native platform running on Amazon’s AWS, and using a number of class-leading SaaS platforms where appropriate, we are able to leverage the work of thousands of dedicated engineers to enable policy compliance, data security, and rapid, comprehensive response to security and business-continuity challenges.


Centriq uses Auth0, an industry-leading SaaS provider, to manage all user authentication. This means that the same cryptography and system security protecting the user passwords of Fortune 100 companies, banks, and similar enterprises also protects Centriq users. User passwords are never stored in Centriq systems, and Auth0’s deep library of user authentication and security tools (for example, detecting and flagging or denying suspicious or too-frequent login attempts) are put to work to protect Centriq users.


As a fully cloud-native platform on AWS, Centriq has data integrity and security capabilities that traditional enterprises labor mightily to achieve “out of the box”. All network traffic to the Centriq platform is encrypted with TLS 1.2 and HTTPS; all data on the platform is encrypted in transit by HTTPS/TLS and at rest by AWS KMS encryption for S3 and DynamoDB.


Using AWS IAM, CloudWatch, and CloudTrail, all employee and system access to user data is authorized, logged, and audited on a regular basis. Employee system access is based on a least-privilege model, and in general Centriq employee user accounts are only able to deploy or modify running application stacks; the IAM roles with access to platform data are granted to the running applications, not employee logins. Employee accounts also have policies about password rotation frequency, complexity, and non-reuse enforced automatically by the AWS IAM service.



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