A Whole New Approach to Asset Management

Get complete control over your properties in a matter of minutes. Go from problem to solution in less time than ever before.

It’s like CarFax for the home...

Centriq gives us immediate access to the info we need on the properties we manage so we can save our clients money and increase our margins.

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Add unlimited properties to help you manage your entire portfolio of properties and products. Add products in a snap. Adding or deleting products to a home is easy for our partners, so the catalog of assets inside the home is always up to date.

Use Centriq to provide an intelligent user manual of any home.  Empower new buyers and tenants to help themselves with easy access to everything they need to operate and troubleshoot every product in the home. Add your own tips, information, and instructions in any format you like.

Your brand on every page

The Recall Status Badge shows you right away if anything may be recalled.

Each item clearly displays its recall status with a badge

The Centriq software recognizes the item from a photo of the product label

From the serial number we calculate the age, warranty status and remaining useful life

For each item there is product support available in the Centriq mobile app

Each recalled product has a full page of recall details, with descriptions of the risk, incidents, remedies, and contact information of the manufacturer to easily resolve the recall.

Add anything you want. Paint, power tools, fixtures and more

For each item there is also product support available in the Centriq mobile app

With the CENTRIQ INSIGHTS REPORT you’re adding important information to your inspection, with virtually no additional effort.

Image of the actual appliance makes for easy recognition

Brand, model and serial number are all captured from the product label photo

Clear status for safety recalls as reported by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)

Date of manufacture is often embedded in the serial number. This date in turn provides the age, and industry average Remaining Useful Life

For each brand and product type we maintain the typical warranty period

The Centriq mobile app contains even more information about each product, such as manuals, parts and instructional videos

Product knowledge at your fingertips.

  • Product age
  • Product warranty
  • Remaining useful life
  • Safety recall status
  • And more

All these insights into the appliances and heating and cooling systems in the home are valuable to the home owner, buyer and their agents.


With the Centriq Insights Report you get get tremendous insight into the home, but there is so much more.
With the Centriq app that comes along with it, you have all the manuals, parts and accessories, and instructional videos on how to use, maintain and repair the items you added in the report. 
The Centriq app also provides 24/7 safety recall monitoring, so your clients continue to be safe long after you’ve left.
Asset 1

Fix it fast

Save money with easy and fast access to the right repair parts.

Asset 2

Be in the know

Resolve service calls faster by knowing EXACTLY what’s there and having product details at the ready.

Asset 4

Safe & sound

Ongoing monitoring alerts you if there are any safety recalls for the identified items in the property.

Asset 3

Before it fails

Stay ahead of maintenance tasks with scheduled reminders.

The world’s largest product support database.

107,000,000+ Parts & Supplies
1,850,000+ Products
28,500+ Brands / Manufacturers
990,000+ Manuals & Documents
390,000+ How-to Videos

… and growing

HARNESS THE POWER OF our turnkey solution

Our smart technology is more than just a cool tool. It’s a powerful ally. Centriq AI is driven by transformative smart technology that swiftly recognizes products, delivers instant access to information, and expedites the resolution process quickly and easily.

Centriq gives your clients a truly differentiated digital experience

With nearly 2 million products to match against, tap into the potential of the world’s largest curated database

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