A GREAT HOME deserves a GREAT handover


The Perfect Handover

Kick off the joy of ownership with a lasting impression: the perfect handover.

Deliver a personalized digital handover with zero effort, thanks to Centriq.Pro.

Ditch The Status Quo

A custom handover package is better than a drawer full of manuals.


Simply Pathetic

A binder handover is clunky and hard to keep current.


Clunky and hard to keep current

A custom handover package is better than USB drive.


Intimidating and hard to navigate

Embrace The Cutting Edge

Centriq.Pro is the one place for every thing in the home. It’s intuitive, easy, fast, and keeps the home owner on top of it all.


Builder docs, floor plans, user manuals, instructional videos, one-click ordering of filters and other consumables, and more, all at the tap of a finger.


Organized so you can find what you want when you want it, quickly. Covering everything from appliance warranty coverage to remaining useful life; from 24/7 safety recall monitoring to maintenance reminders.


With alerts for product safety recalls for the things you own, Centriq.Pro protects the home and its inhabitants from disaster.


Everything you need and nothing you don’t. An interface that's a joy to use, with only the information that's relevant to the homeowner and his home.


Making it easy to stay current on scheduled service and maintenance, thanks to intelligent reminders for the tasks that are due.


Video is the easiest way to explain things. Capture details of your walk-through so your homebuyers will never forget what you said, and not need to have your staff on speed dial for operational questions.

Solving Problems for Builders & Developers

No matter if you are a residential developer, custom home builder or production home builder, and no matter if you build to sell or lease, build one-off dream homes or whole communities, Centriq.Pro is optimized to streamline and enhance your handover experience.


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Custom Home Builders

Developers of Communities

Developers of Condos

Custom Home Builders

Developers of Communities

Developers of Condos



What if I use Construction Software?

Whether you use Autodesk, CoConstruct, ProCore or BuilderTrend, these platforms focus on efficiently running a construction company, but they don’t focus on delighting the client.

Centriq.Pro is a great addition to these systems because it is 100% focused on delighting the client by delivering a great ownership experience starting with a client-centered handover process.

Centriq.Pro sits outside these platforms, but can incorporate the documents those systems generate thus eliminating any extra work.

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